Omega was determined to dive deeper into the art of ceramic watchmaking and inspired by the success of the Planet Ocean Deep Black from 2016. The brand wanted to make a combination of a GMT and dive watch made of one block of blue ceramics. This has led to the mens fake omega uk Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Blue.

Ceramics has been used in the watchmaking since the mid-1980s. This is mainly due to the pioneer efforts of the Swatch Group.
Ceramics is six times as hard as steel. It never scratches, discolorates or bleeds, making it an ideal material for the functional requirements of even the most robust watches. Omega used ceramics for the first time about eight years ago in the shape of a small triangle on an ornament in the Seamaster Planet Ocean collection. From that moment on, the material was increasingly incorporated into new creations of the brand.

Since that first little triangle, Omega ceramics have been integrated into many other designs. It can be found in lunettes, dials and complete wardrobes. For a modern ceramic Speedmaster, the cabinet is first pressurized from a special zirconium based powder. During a sintering process it is then heated to a temperature of 1400 ° C, making it hard and scratch resistant. Because it is so hard, diamond tools are needed to add the definitive edges and slots while lubricating and cooling with high pressure oil solutions. Finally, a three-hour plasma treatment in an oven at 20,000 ° C prepares the material for the laser engraving process.

The omega replica europe Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was the first model with such a complete ceramic cabinet. Then followed models like the ‘White Side of the Moon’ and Gray Side of the Moon ‘. The “Big Blue” features the distinctive Planet Ocean Colors blue and orange and has the very first omega replica watches for sale cabinet made entirely of blue ceramic. In addition, the watch has a blue ceramic dial with orange GMT marks. The 18K white gold pointers and index markers feature a white layer of Super-LumiNova; They beautifully protrude against the blue dial. On the blue ceramic lunette there is a diving scale with figures of Liquidmetal® numerals. A mix of orange rubber and ceramic is applied during the first 15 minutes. The OMEGA logo on the crown and the symbol for the helium vent valve are provided with rubber injections of orange color. The back of the Big Blue is also impressive with its alveolendessin screw cap. This is a unique innovation of OMEGA, a patented ceramic Naiad Lock, with the engraved text remaining in a position.


OMEGA sells its first online watch: the new Speedmaster ‘Speedy Tuesday’

For the first time, OMEGA is selling a new watch online, the Omega Speedmaster ‘Speedy Tuesday’ Limited Edition, expanding the reach of its worldwide chain of boutiques. This watch will only be marketed and sold online at Hay 2012 copies (although it seems that they have been sold out in a few hours) and depending on availability, customers can even specify the Limited Edition number they want. Once chosen, the watches will be delivered in the summer of 2017.

The Speedmaster ‘Speedy Tuesday’ Limited Edition is presented five years after the creation of the #SpeedyTuesday hashtag by Robert-Jan Broer, founder of Fratello Watches. For a lustrum, #SpeedyTuesday’s online fan community has been growing, with images and commentary on the Speedmaster. As a tribute to these chronograph devotees, Replica Omega presents this new model, which combines several of the most famous design features of the Speedmaster.

The design is inspired by the Speedmaster ‘Alaska Project III’ model, created in 1978 for NASA. At that time, NASA insisted that the watch had to be anti reflective and easy to read, ie suitable for use in space. The ‘Speedy Tuesday’ remains faithful to these qualities, with a box in brushed stainless steel, matte finish, and large radial numbers in the subspheres.

The choice of the ‘Panda Inverse’ sphere is also inspired by the past. First used in 1966, the opal silver plated white subspheres are located on a black dial surrounded by a bezel ring in matte black aluminum with tachymeter scale. The Omega logo of the period has an unusual appearance and all the indicators and the radial subspheres are coated with pigments of high luminescence.

Other classic details of the Speedmaster are a convex hesalite crystal, with a central Replica Omega watches UK logo, and a brown leather bracelet with line, stitching and vintage buckle. Of course, Omega has also maintained the caliber 1861, the movement used in the famous Speedmaster Moonwatch.


Omega super Jiaji the year, not only on the moon

Where to talk to the omega replica watches, constellation and super two large series believe that no friends will be unfamiliar. To mention the constellation, immediately there are friends that grandfather, uncle all kinds of friends and family had love table; and super, naturally is the moon.

Speaking of the moon, it seems that the table is a misunderstanding of super-series is born for the moon, is not the case. This can only blame the replica omega watches often mentioned super king, always able to pull the moon thing.

Looking back at history, in 1957 Omega launched the first ultra-CK2915, that the people will not be on the timing of the crowd, the target audience is undoubtedly the athletes talent, after all, is just needed. And now where the auction will appear super CK29115 Department of the figure will be sought after by the collector, a generation of classic influence deep.

1919 NASA NASA began planning the moon landing plan, until the 1964 landing on July 7-88, with the gradual improvement of the simulation test, the siege division realized that this month is not to spring outing, outer space Harsh environment is not a trifling matter, so wearing a reliable chronograph watch program was raised out.

Rumors: NASA took the taxpayer’s money went to the major brands of the store bought dozens of chronograph, get back to branch by the last to keep Longines, Rolex, Omega and several other big watches, and then placed To simulate the environment in the temperature, compression, shock, noise, acceleration and deceleration … and other changes in the situation, and finally surpassed.

Rumors 2: NASA was the lack of talent in this area, the outside invited a professional investigation of the mainstream brands at the time, and invited the brand to provide samples of the watch for testing. But unfortunately only a few brands to get the response, cited as joke is NASA to the watch and Hamilton directly to the whole pocket watch over.

Invited brands include: Omega, Longines, Po Luhua, Rolex, the United States, Hamilton, Elgin, Beiluo Si, high road cloud, Lucerne Picard

Which rumors are more reliable for reference only, whether it can only be considered “wild history”. The result is the Omega Speed ​​105.003 successfully passed all the physical tests, and NASA and astronauts both sides recognized the success of the cut.

Over time, Omega seamaster replica is also in the super series under a lot of effort, many of them frequently with the “moon” theme. such as:

2011 launched Apollo 15 40 anniversary limit table, limited to 1971. Dial on the red, white and blue circle is the corresponding task when the micro-chapter color, the bottom cover is carved a probe car and apollp 15 logo.


Why “not yet published” 2017 new version of the iron tyrants is the most worth looking at Omega?

Today we talk about new tables. In the three series launched in Omega in 1957, there is a series called Tieba railmaster (the three series in 1957 is the hippocampus, super tyrants, tyrants). After a period of development, the iron tyrants and the hippocampus, super tyrants, constellations, disc flying, as the main series of Omega, but always small scale (some of the views of the iron tyrants in the hippocampus series) And in 2007, after 2008, gradually discontinued. At present in the omega spectre replica Chinese and foreign official online has no iron bar appeared in the domestic Omega counters almost do not see the iron tyrants (in the individual store I have seen once or twice there are sales). People slightly surprised, in this year’s Basel Watch Fair, Omega launched a use to Zhen coaxial movement of the new iron tyrants. I got a real table in Basel and learned about the basic information of the watch. The same surprise is that after I returned home, found that the official news of Omega and no such table, Omega’s official website did not update this table. In the doubts at the same time, I called the Omega’s official customer service and Beijing outlets, both said that now there is no only table.

It makes me realize that there are two possibilities. 1, Omega waiting for a suitable time to officially release a new version of iron tyrants; 2, Omega may just make a sample table, still in the scrutiny. But no matter what, 2017 new version of the iron bar, although there are not many in the country can find the information (because there is no news), but the 2017 version of Iron Pa has been in the world of watch enthusiasts, caused a lot of attention. Regardless of the table will not and when omega replica watches uk will be listed in the country, I will show you here I see the 2017 version of the Omega Iron Pa, and answer some of the friends before the questions raised, 2017 version of iron tyrants why This pair of looks. Why do I think for the majority of players, the new version of the iron tyrants this year, Omega is the most important one watch.

In 1957, Omega launched three series, hippocampus, super tyrants, iron tyrants. The first model of the iron bar is CK 2914. There are some players will be the Omega iron bar as a pair of Rolex probe with a pair of watches (mainly iron tyrants 3,6,9 disk and Rolex probe a very like), but in fact, the Omega Iron Pa is a positioning in the professional anti-magnetic Watches, and Rolex professional anti-magnetic table milgauss on the standard watch. Omega will be the watch that the reason for the iron Pa railmaster was a lot of people misunderstood, even some of the official brand of Omega brand is also thought to be made to the railway workers watch, so called iron tyrants. In fact, the vintage omega watches uk Irons and Rolex Milgauss, is for scientists and technical staff to prepare, but Omega because of long-term support for the cause of the railway, to provide a lot of railway system watches and clocks, then the railway into the electrical age, there is a magnetic field problem, Omega in order to solve This question, so this watch is called “iron tyrants.” Because including the laboratory, the hospital, including the staff, are the year Omega “iron tyrants” goals and use of the object.

In the 1950s, the general anti-magnetic watch can only put 60 to 80 Gaussian magnetic field. But in the laboratory, the hospital, the magnetic field strength is much larger than this value. I would like to tell you that we all know that Rolex milgauss anti-magnetic 1000 Gauss, but the real situation is that in the year, milgauss’s anti-magnetic strength is actually 800 Gauss, Rolex in order to “Minato” with milgauss 1000 Gaussian name. On the other hand, the Omega Teva is essentially no moisture of the anti-magnetic 1000 gauss. Here I talk about some, Omega Iron Pa is the world’s second to 1000 Gaussian anti-magnetic table, the first one is the nations engineer. Rolex milgeth launched a year later than Omega Tie. Patek Philippe also launched a magnetic table at the same time, but the level of magnetic defense is difficult to more than 500 Gauss, and iron tyrants can reach 1000 gauss, of course, this is a reason


Omega Open Speedmaster Fans to pay tribute to the super fans

As we all know, astronauts, explorers and racers have always favored the Omega Speedmaster watch, and the legend has been widely circulated.

As we all know, astronauts, explorers and racers have always favored the Omega Speedmaster watch, and the legend has been widely circulated. Today, an online community of Omega’s fans around the world is growing omega seamaster replica and growing, spreading more stories about super watch.

In order to pay tribute to these super fans, Omega to find some of them, and for them to shoot a group of portrait photos. From the actors to the chef, from the athletes to the fashionable people, despite the different identity and life, but they have a common ground: that is the Omega Super watch unlimited love. They choose to wear their favorite beloved watch to participate in the shooting. In their case, super watch is not only often worn in the wrist when the timepiece, it is left in the heart of the love of choice.

Many celebrities are loyal fans, such as Brazil’s famous supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, the Italian omega spectre replica chef Massimo Bottura and the famous German DJ Robin Schulz (Robin Schulz) and so on. In addition, the Chinese film director and writer Liu Yulin, artist Zhang Ding, and more from different countries in different countries and countries have expressed their love for the super watch love.

This photo will be photographed on the exclusive website of the official website of Omega. We can explore the story behind each photo, feel the super watch has a huge influence. At the same time, everyone can upload their fake spectre omega 300 master own style of similar photos, and have the opportunity to be selected and displayed in the official website of the exclusive website of the official website.

Omega will also promote the theme of #SpeedmasterFans through social media activities to encourage fans from around the world to join them, to share their love for the super watch.


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