Arrested in Barcelona two members of the Rolex Band who had stolen in Eivissa

The National Police has detained at the Barcelona Airport two men of Italian nationality, allegedly replica watches responsible for the subtraction of two high-speed watches in Eivissa.

The facts denounced occurred last July 18 at 16:30 and 23:30 in the municipality of Eivissa. The first investigations revealed that the modus operandi used is the characteristic of the so-called Rolex bands, which year after year move to Eivissa attracted by tourism of high purchasing power, police said in a statement.

The group of four or more people had fake rolex for sale uk great mobility as they traveled to Eivissa and other tourist destinations several times during the summer season, although they spent little time in the places to commit their crimes.

Within the group, according to the Police, there was a division of tasks, since a person, at the beginning of the season, visited the island and fixed the infrastructure of the group to choose the potential victims.

Another group used scooter-type replica watches uk motorcycles with which they steal clocks and fled. In addition, Rolex had a help in the vicinity of the place of performance to deliver the watch, so that even if they were intercepted by the police, they would not interfere with any object.

In the two cases solved by the National Police, the Rolex became aware of the motorcycle used in one of the crimes when involved in a small accident. As a result of the information obtained, the individuals could be tracked, being detected that they had arrived on the island on July 17 and left on the 19th.

It was also proved that when Rolex left the island they chose the Barcelona route, Rolex a fact that was reported to the police station of the Prat Airport and, while waiting to take a flight to Italy, they were arrested.

At this moment, one of the suspects was wearing one of the two clocks denounced. The operation has been carried out by officials of the UDYCO group of the Eivissa police station in collaboration with agents of the Commissariat of the Prat Airport.


Do it expensive! This vintage Rolex was sold for € 1 million

This watch broke the record for Rolex watches in Asia. But is this clock worth it?
Rolex is known for its no-nonsense watches with not too many complications. Of course, there are some exceptions in the collection, but the lion’s part is formed by steel watches with unequivocal watches. Nevertheless, that has always been different. And who has such a vintage watch in which complicated Rolex watches are in place holds gold.

The newest example of the crazy round vintage imitation mens rolex watches en comes from Asia (how else). There is recently this Rolex ref. 8171 ‘Padellone’ sold:

The watch set a new record for Rolex watches in Asia, making it one of the most expensive watches in the world. The price: HK $ 7.880.000. Or € 957,298, -. Including the commission of the auction house, that price will be around the million euro.

But the hammer demand: is it such a special watch?

This ref. 8171 was introduced in 1949 and made in the following years. This example is in excellent condition. In addition, the watch has a diameter of 38 millimeters, which at the time was quite large, but nowadays it would be labeled as neat.

The name ‘Padellone’ is a nickname it received about its shape and thickness – and means as much as a frying pan in its Italian.

This steel watch has a mens watches rolex copy uk quite complicated movement: a calendar indicating day, date and month with moon phases. That is a complicated feature for Rolex, although it must be seen in the context of the fifties. Current watchmakers already have a lot less trouble with it. However, that’s exactly why the watch is so expensive: Rolex simply makes very few really complicated watches. From this ref. 8171 were made about a thousand.

It should also be noted that earlier watches were sold a lot less expensive with this reference number. Remains the question: how can this watch be so expensive?

In the case of this ref. 8171 has certainly been the case, but just a good dose of luck is also needed. That’s all the extraordinary, the watch is not that you could have expected it to be a million euros in advance. That the watch looks so great, in combination with the name ‘mens replica rolex uk cheap‘, is undoubtedly its most important USP.


Naples. Gdf, found Rolex and Patek Philippe watches worth 1 mln

Precious watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe worth a million euros, but also hand grenades and bulletproof vests. It was also found during searches in apartments related to business brothers originally from Castellammare di Stabia (Naples), Raffaele and Giuseppe Maurelli, and Paolo Del Sole, who were arrested on April 19 on charges of international drug trafficking.

Searches have been found and seized, in addition to the large property already seized for a value of about ten million euros, also two safes-caveau containing precious, jewelery, ingots, over sixty watches between best rolex replica watches, Adam Piguet and Patek Philippe and liquid currency For over two hundred thousand euros.

In particular, in a basement of one of the apartments owned by Raffaele Maurelli, in Pompeii, a box containing seven hand-made “ex Yugoslavia” production war guns – all with lighter – and the jackets were found and seized Bulletproof, as well as a vacuum packing machine. The safe removal of the weapons required the intervention of the special body of the artificiers, who proceeded to the destruction.



In previous articles we have already mentioned how difficult it is to recognize a fake watch and how to work hard when buying a used watch from a reputable brand. This Rolex Submariner will make it painfully clear to an unfortunate new owner who is likely to hit almost $ 20,000.
The replica rolex watches uk from this article is currently on sale at the German Ebay. Bidders have so far over € 17,000 and probably eager aspirant buyers will raise the price for this piece of Swiss craftsmanship to do the wrist.

Thank you, you’d say, because it’s a beautiful Rolex. A pretty special additionally: a submariner with the dial of an explorer. Sounds special, it is also. This Rolex has been made in a very limited edition for a short period of time and so special. And so worth the money.
But not this one. Authority Hodinkee found out that this particular Rolex is more or less fake. More or less yes, because the sophistication with which this Rolex has been falsified is even difficult for a connoisseur. What’s up: Rolex actually built a small amount of these watches, but the best replica watches uk Rolex Submariner dials in a Submariner are always shiny. The dial of this Submariner – which should be from an Explorer – is, however, mat, and so it’s never made.

As a result, this is more or less a fake Rolex. In essence, it’s a real Rolex, consisting of authentic Rolex parts, but it’s also a composite, non-official copy that is presented as one of the most sought after Rolexes. Is the watch fake? That depends on your interpretation; Fact is that this is nothing more than a customized Rolex and so certainly does not claim to be the exclusive copy that-ie.

This shows once more: Do you consider the purchase of an exclusive watch of a high end brand and you are not an expert yourself, then turn on the help of an expert.



Rolex three materials tell you why it is so cattle

Raise Rolex, whether you like it or not, I can not deny it in the watch industry status. Rolex is the quality of protection, solemn, practical, no significant flash of the achievements of the Rolex high watch model. All the strata are not lack of Rolex fans, then Rolex in the end what is the charm of it? Today we only from the material side, Rolex has three different materials and other home, you know?

We often see “stainless steel / stainless steel” material, then you know it in the end refers to what? Some people know that, in general, watch case, bracelet, crown used “stainless steel / stainless steel” refers to the 316L steel, this steel is a common austenitic stainless steel, corrosion resistance is very strong, Texture is very good, will not cause adverse effects on human skin, in fact it is also a scalpel steel. But Rolex used to use 904L steel to do his family’s steel table, or the current watch brand inside the only full use of this steel brand. Compared with the 316L steel, 904L steel is more resistant to corrosion and rust, and more solid; followed by it cheap rolex oyster watches grinding out the case and the bracelet effect is more beautiful, whether it is frosted or smooth. Or that we can more intuitive understanding: 904L stainless steel commonly used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, its excellent corrosion resistance comparable to all kinds of precious metals, manufacturing costs far higher than the 316L steel. So there are watches and clocks experts say: for Rolex, the stainless steel is precious metals.

In fact, Rolex early and other brands are using 316L steel, but in 2003 or so, all the steel products are beginning to use 904L steel. But as early as 1985, became the first 904L stainless steel watch brand, which in the Sea-Dweller’s minority version of the first use of 904L steel. Although 904L steel performance is more excellent, but at the same time it also has a drawback, that is, with the increase in steel hardness, forging difficult to increase. So from 1985 to 2003, up to 18 years time, in order to fully use 904L steel, Rolex had to replace the entire production line processing equipment and tools. This is in addition to Rolex other than the brand can not be the same as buy classic watches copy rolex 904L steel the most important reason.

Rolex’s eternal rose gold
Rose gold is now a very popular watch material, it is more low-key compared with the luxury of gold, and low-key platinum compared to the more luxurious, between the temperament between the two coupled with its warm romantic pink color Making the rose gold by many people love. Rose gold manufacturing red hair 18K gold technology has been circulating for hundreds of years, the principle is very simple: is to adjust the 24 copies of the 18 copies of gold to remove the other six other metal ratio. Copper plus more, the color is more red, the proportion of copper to reduce the proportion of silver to increase the color from red to pink. But this technology has a great drawback, that is easy to fade.

Rolex in order to solve this problem, to keep the rose gold more lasting eternal luster, actively engaged in the study. Rolex’s first generation of eternal rose gold technology in order to make the color of rose gold more lasting, as early as September 4, 2003 rolex replica uk applied for the European patent EP1512765, inventors up to 8 people, then the idea is to join platinum, the use of platinum Eternal nature to slow down the color transformation. Like this method of platinum plus oxidation now there are many brands such as Yu-ship table, Panerai and so on in use. Rolex latest eternal rose gold technology Rolex in this year on February 6, 2014 applied for the latest eternal rose gold patent WO2014122235, inventor PASCAL DUBOS, JEAN-FRANÇOIS RICARD. Launched a better solution to the problem. In order to protect the red copper, adding more lively calcium, indium, and silicon. If the corrosion first erodes these more lively, the copper is protected down and can protect the beautiful red and pink. In principle, the eternal worthy of the name.


Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller watch

This classic watch for the global traveler, for the first time to gold gold (904L steel and 18ct gold combination) and white gold gold (904L steel and 18ct white gold combination) appearance.

Rolex ROLEX introduced the new Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, this classic for the global traveler copy rolex uk design of the classic watches, for the first time to gold gold (904L steel and 18ct gold combination) and white gold gold section (904L steel and 18ct white gold combination ) Debut. Surface configuration Rectangle Chromalight luminous imitation rolex watch pointer with hourlight mark, distributed lasting light, clear and easy to read.

As with all Rolex watches, the new Sky-Dweller is certified by Rolex’s top-level observatory in 2015 to ensure that watches are top-of-the-range. Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is designed for the global traveler elegant watch, is the perfect combination of superb technology and simple operation. Sky-Dweller brings together 11 patents to provide global travelers with the information they need to keep track of time on a journey in a new way. The watch features include two time zones, with the central pointer indicating the location time, grand seiko replica 24-hour off-axis The disk shows the time of departure.

There is also an innovative calendar device called Saros. Salon This name comes from the same name of the astronomical phenomenon, and this calendar device only in February each year to March to adjust the calendar once. In addition, the outer surface of the surface with 12 small window display month. Sky-Dweller watch to enjoy an innovative technology patent: Ring Command rotating outer ring, you can quickly and easily select the function to be adjusted.

Rolex in 1933 will Rolesor (gold steel) registered as a trademark, after the combination of gold and steel to become one of the characteristics of the Rolex watch. Rolesor combines these two metals: gold, both noble, precious, rich, and stable, so very attractive; steel, unbreakable, very strong, can be trusted. These qualities perfectly reflect the elegance and excellence of the Rolex watch.

Sky-Dweller gold steel section, the outer ring, the chain crown and strap chain for the 18ct gold chain, middle case and strap on both sides of the chain made of 904L steel. As for the white gold gold section, the outer ring is 18ct white gold, the middle case, crown and strap made of 904L steel. Sky-Dweller’s Oyster Case guarantees a waterproof of 100 meters and is a rugged example. The shape of the unique mid-range case to solid solid 904L steel casting. Triangle pit bottom cover to brand exclusive special tools tighten, the case sealed, so only the Rolex watchmakers can open the movement. On the chain crown with double lock double waterproof system, firmly tightened in the case. Mirror is made of blue crystal, not easy to scratch. 3 o’clock position with a small window convex lens, easy to read the calendar. Sky-Dweller’s Waterproof Oyster Case offers the best protection for highly precise movements.